Fee Schedule

The fee schedule for the current year can be downloaded here:

Fees are to be paid in the first weeks of each term

  • Students who have not paid their fees may be excluded from attending classes until their fees are paid.
  • This may mean they do not pass some subjects, and will have to sit these subjects at another time.

Refund of Fees

Students who withdraw from the course in the first month,

  • Will be entitled to a full refund of their fees, if they have been paid.
  • There will be an administration charge of 2500Vt deducted from the refund, to cover the administrative costs incurred.

Students wishing to withdraw from the course on medical grounds, after the first month,

  • Any refund will require a Doctor’s Medical Certificate stating the medical reason you cannot continue,
  • The amount of refund, if any, will be negotiated and agreed with the Principal.