The Doctrinal Basis of the Institute is the “Statement of Faith of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu.”

Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu Statement of Faith

Brothers and sisters in the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu: We believe that, this Church of ours is part of the Church of Jesus Christ founded by the first apostles. The Church of Jesus Christ is one, Holy Pure and Universal. The Church is one because there is only one God, who is father of all people, because there is only one Lord Jesus Christ: and because there is only one Spirit, the Holy Spirit: and because there is only one faith: only one Baptism, uniting all people from all places.

The Church is Holy because her Lord has set her apart in the world, so that the Church might worship him and carry out His Mission and Ministry in the world.

The Church is Universal because everyone must obey the one who is Lord, and because when people join the Church, nothing can separate them again. This is the same Church as the one founded in the beginning, by the first disciples. It is founded upon the Word of Jesus Christ, who was nailed to the cross, and died, whom God raised from the dead, with the message spoken by the apostles from the beginning, and because the Church proclaims the same message as the one preached by the apostles to all people.

In this Church of ours, we Worship God who is three persons, but only one God, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, one God.