The Women’s Program is for the wives of students who are enrolled at Talua to help them gain biblical knowledge of God, humanity and creation, and equip them in practical skills, in order that they can relate this knowledge in worship and in their everyday lives so that they may be effective leaders in the church and society.


2 Years

VQF Levels



TTTI Main Campus, South Santo

Study Program

Bible & Theology

  1. Introduction to the Bible & Bible Study Methods (How to read the bible)
  2. Overview of Old Testament
  3. Overview of New Testament
  4. Intro to Theology 1 (The Knowledge & Doctrine of God)
  5. Intro to Theology 2 (Doctrines of Creation, Sin, Salvation, the End & the Church)
  6. Theology of Women (Women and men as people of God & Women and men are called to ministry & Woman as a human being/ Texts important to women & Women in the Bible)

Church Ministry

  • P.W.M.U. (Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union)
  • Children & Youth Ministry (Introduction to Christian Education & Principles and practices of Christian Education)
  • Writing Church History
  • Kindergarten Knowledge/Pikinini Playgroup

Family Life

  1. Man / Woman Relationships (marriage, widowhood, divorce, singleness)
  2. Parent / child relationships (Bringing up children & child care)
  3. Extended family relationships

Community & Home Management

  1. Development/Self-support/independence/Market economy/subsistence economy/ Gardening for nutrition and market
  2. Appropriate technology (computer skills)
  3. Housekeeping, Time Management & Money management (budget and accounts)


  1. Health Care – Hygiene (personal) & nutrition (household and community), antenatal and postnatal care & family planning
  2. Medical Care – First Aid, accidents (prevention and care), home treatments, & common diseases (prevention and cure)
  3. Spiritual Care – Personal/Spiritual Development/Discipleship

Practical Home Skills (every term)

  • Sewing
  • Handicrafts
  • Cooking and baking
  • Care for kitchen tools