Worship of God is at the centre of everything we do at TTTI. In both public and private, multiple times throughout the day, the TTTI community worships God through prayer, bible reading, singing and many other ways.

Pastoral Care & Mentoring

Pastoral care and mentoring is a very important part of TTTI’s ministry. All students are allocated a staff mentor, and meet weekly with their mentoring group. Student spouses sometimes join this mentoring group, and pastoral care is also provided through the women’s program and wider community.


One of TTTI’s greatest strengths is its diverse and active community. Staff, students and their families participate in many different activities, some on a weekly basis, and some on more special occasions. These include:

  • Daily morning devotions
  • Prayer triplets
  • Presbytery gatherings
  • Sunday morning and evening worship
  • Weekly pikinini prayer warrior program
  • Pikinini Sunday School
  • Friday night community events
  • Choir
  • Sports afternoon
  • Community kakae on special occasions